• Image of Pushed Back Liner King
  • Image of Pushed Back Liner King

Scott developed this liner because he gets asked for liners with a longer stroke that will push large needle groups. In the early 90’s he made a machine similar to this on a brass frame that was intended to be used for large round shaders.

By manipulating spring gauge combinations, A-bar length and changing the geometry of the frame Scott has come up with a long stroke liner to push large groups from 9’s to 14’s that runs fast but also stays cool. This machine can also be used for smaller groupings for those that prefer a long stroke machine.


1018 steel
6 wrap coils
hand cut springs
silver contact screw and contact point

Each Sterling tattoo machine is run for 2 or 3 days to break it in and personally tested and used for at least 3-6 tattoos on various body parts to ensure his highest level of quality.

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