• Image of Coleman Style Liner

Coleman originally had a side plate made for this style liner, possibly made by Huck Spauling. This is speculation based on Huck having had several in his collection. The original side plate only had two holes in the side and was made to be hardwired, not for a clip cord. I have seen several different modifications of this fabricated frame style that have been set up for a clipboard. What I feel was the best solution for a clipboard modification was tacking a tab on the back of the side plate for the bottom binder.

When I got to China Sea in 1989 Malone had a Coleman liner that was rebuilt by Paul Rogers. It was given as a gift to Malone by Paul on a visit to Hawaii. I believe that Paul had gotten the frame directly from Coleman since they worked together in Norfolk, Virginia in the 40's.

The frame that I developed is a variation of the liner side plate set up of the machine that Paul gave to Malone. I like this style of frame because it is very compact , therefore making it slightly lighter than other frames I’ve built in the past.
The frame is CNC'd out of 1018 steel. Every edge is finished on the radius, cutting down excess vibration and giving the frame a very smooth running feel. It is triple plated/dipped in copper then double dipped in nickel. Because of the relatively short geometry of the frame it makes a compact and fairly fast running liner which is quite versatile, able to push small and large needle groups efficiently with what I feel is minimal effort.


1018 steel
hand cut springs
silver contact screw and contact point

Each Sterling tattoo machine is run for 2 or 3 days to break it in and personally used to tattoo on various body parts to ensure his highest level of quality.

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